Odeta Orlov
I got a tester of the "Saules' anti-age face cosmetic line in the PC Akropolis store Vilnius. I admire, I am very surprised to see that the face cream was so good! ☀💋 At this moment in my cosmetic, you always can find 'Saules' the intensive moisturizing facial serum, milk of the face and, of course, an irreplaceable moisturizing cream with silk. ❤️🌸💜🌷 (The skin seemed to have recovered even before the tester!) I recommend! 🤗
Justina Gafaro
These soaps are genuine muffins 🙈
every time i use it i want to E A T I T 🐽
this is the only soap I can use for my face - it contains
moisturizing natural ingredients and essential oils 😍
Greta Makeup
What a scent ❤️️
Darija Barynaitė
In my hand, I have perfumed male soap, blue soap also has a masculine smell - melons,
It's like a candy you want to eat and the other one is a for senior
who wants something fresh, so that smell is indescribable, even now I don't know what it smells like,
raises such big questions how it's made. What's more, not only is their smell tempting,
but the look is very eye-catching, cheerful, nice to look.


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