Below are the terms of return.

1. The customer must complete the return form of the shop within 7 working days after the receipt of the shipment. 

2. The item must also be unused with the original packaging.

3. The product shall have no loss of appearance and integrity.

4. The customer pays all the costs of the shipment and packing, including the cost of the consignment.

5. If the customer does not wish to replace the item, we will return the money only after receiving the item of the wrong quality.

6. After receiving your returned item, we undertake to transfer the money within 30 business days.

7. All goods of inappropriate quality shall be replaced or returned in accordance with the Goods Return and Replacement Rules “approved by Order No. 217 of the Minister of Economy of 29 June 2001. Returning the item of inappropriate quality requires the submission of the purchase documents of the goods. by Order No. 258 of 17 August 2001 approved by the Minister in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Rules for the Sale of Goods and Provision of Services, where Contracts are Concluded Using Communications Means.

6. Changing the Rules.

The Seller has the right to partially or completely change the Privacy Policy by notifying the e-shop. If you use the services provided by the e-shop after these conditions have changed, the Seller considers that you have accepted the terms and conditions.

7. Final Provisions

These Terms of Privacy are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. All disagreements on the enforcement of these rules are solved by negotiation. In case of disagreement, disagreements shall be resolved in the manner prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


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