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Natural Argan Oil

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10 properties of argan oil for your beauty!

Have you been to an exotic Morocco? If so, you may have heard more than once from a local dealer about a product called “white Moroccan gold”, which in this region, and now around the world, is valued no worse than real gold. It’s natural argan oil from Argan tree nut kernels. With a wealth of useful materials and used in many beauty industry areas. We have selected the top 10 argan oil properties that nurture your beauty:

  1. Very moisturizing and nourishing skin

The active ingredients in the oil make it quickly absorbed into the skin and leave no greasy skin effect. The oil is perfect for moisturizing the face, neck area and the whole body and is extremely economical to use – just a few drops of palm oil to moisturize your entire face and décolleté!

  1. Stops skin aging processes

Vitamin A and E contained in Argan oil act as a preventative anti-wrinkle treatment, tighten the skin and smooth out smaller wrinkles. More and more, argan oil is a constituent of various anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams, a pure product that is even more effective and can be used with the tools you have.

  1. Rescues from Acne

Good news for those suffering from acne or oily skin: According to research, argan oil is particularly effective in cases where the symptoms of acne occur at the age of 30-40. It is during this period that the exacerbation of acne requires considerable effort, but the oil, which has a soothing effect on the skin, helps to soothe damaged skin cells. Linoleic acid in Argan oil reduces acne-induced inflammation of the skin, preventing the spread and multiplication of bacteria.

  1. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

Due to its rich composition, argan oil provides elasticity, which is especially needed to avoid stretch marks or reduce their brightness as much as possible. Specialists advise to drop a few drops of argan oil in the palms of hands and lubricate at the most problematic places – abdominal, hip, torso.

  1. It nourishes your hair and helps with breaking ends

Argan oil is effective not only for the skin, but also for the hair. It is recommended to use the oil as a hair conditioner for a few hours or overnight – the hair will become more obedient and the splitting tips will decrease. Argan oil is also used as a heat protection protector for hot hair. In vain, argan oil has become a very popular ingredient in various shampoos in recent years.

  1. Eliminates dandruff

Aside from the fact that argan oil has become an indispensable natural tool for anyone who wants strong and glossy hair, it works well as a dandruff fighter. Professionals with this problem recommend that you remove the scalp with oil and leave the oil soaked overnight. Repeat this procedure twice a week, a few weeks in a row and… the problem is solved!

  1. Strengthens nails

Upholstered skin and shiny hair are not all the power of this special oil. Argan oil is perfect for softening hands and strengthening nails. If you want to have a pleasant treatment at home, do your own hand massage, rub the argan oil into the nail cuticles and just let your work work. Already after the first procedure you will notice that the finger skin is soft and the small scratches are healed.

  1. Protects lips from drying out

Particularly cold time of the year is an annoying problem – chapped, dry, irritating lips. True, the drooping lips are a lot of annoying in the summer season as well as the sun bath. Universal argan oil also rescues in this situation, giving the lips an extremely deep moisturizing and protection against irritation.

  1. Heals cracked heels

Dried or cracked feet are really not a good thing and cause more discomfort when approaching summer and open shoes. A simple but highly effective method – rub a few drops of argan oil into heels and other cracked or dried feet, cover warm cotton socks and leave the oil to work overnight. Repeat this procedure several times a week and this should be enough to solve this problem.

  1. Protects against environmental pollution

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and helps protect the skin, hair, nails, UV rays and environmental pollution.

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