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For our customers, who have liked our exclusive natural body care and bath ritual products, we are delighted to present the news – a luxury cosmetic line for mature skin SUN. These are facial care products that rejuvenate the youth and glow and give you confidence!

Products for mature skin are made using the finest and most luxurious oils, rose products, plant extracts, active ingredients and vitamins that are highly valued in the beauty industry. The products contain hyaluron, which has extremely strong moisturizing, skin rejuvenating properties. The marine collagen contained in the products restores the elasticity of the skin and gives velvet softness. What’s more, cosmetic caffeine stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, reduces swelling, protects against UV-B, and smoothes the skin.

The skin is nurtured by the highest quality unrefined oils – argan, jojoba, rosehip. One of the main ingredients of the new line is ROSE. Is there something more researching and beautiful than this flower? Damask rose water, rose oil, rose elixir, bourbon rose wax improves skin function, softens, tones, protects fragile capillaries, stops skin aging processes and keeps youthful glow.

The line SUN consists of rich cleansing lotion, tonic, facial scrub, face and eye creams and luxurious serum.

  • CLEANING MILK SAULĖ for mature skin thoroughly removes dirt and nourishes the skin.
  • FACE SCRUB WITH ALUO SALT “SAULĖ” for mature skin gently clears, cleans deeper dirt, saturates the skin with mineral salts and other trace elements.
  • FACE TONIC “SAULĖ” provides deep moisturizing for mature skin and acts as a strong antioxidant.
  • ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM “SAULĖ” for mature skin intensively corrects visible signs of old age, smoothes wrinkles, promotes skin renewal and restores its natural, healthy glow.
  • ANTI-WRINKLE FACE CREAM “SAULĖ”  is intensely moisturizing, nourishing and protecting the skin against harmful external effects. Regular use makes the skin smoother, softer. Suitable for the eyes.
  • EYE CREAM SAULĖ regenerates, strengthens and gives elasticity to mature skin.

The natural product line “SAULĖ” will give your facial skin a youthful and radiant look, brilliant rose aroma and, above all, will give you confidence. Especially recommended for tired, blurred, elastic skin. “SAULĖ” will become a salvation and refreshment for mature, wrinkled skin.

This cosmetic line has not been tested on animals, unused synthetic dyes, fragrances, crushes, silicones and other evil materials. Made in Lithuania.


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