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Aloe Gel

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Aloe Gel – a holiday “must have”, also needed in everyday life.​

Cleopatra’s favorite aloe, described by ancient medical masters, has so many useful qualities that professionals in the beauty and wellness industry are often labeled as a medicine for all illnesses. Moisturizes, soothes and nourishes the skin, suppresses inflammation and swelling, helps to scar and wounds – probably imagine a crowded shelf of different creams, or a casual holiday suitcase for all these functions? It is not worthwhile, because the Aloe Gel is one of the all-in-one products that not only has versatility, but also has a number of active healing properties. The gel is made from the inner part of adult aloe leaf, which is considered to be the most valuable part of the plant and contains the most water, dozens of vitamins, amino acids and hundreds of biologically active compounds.

The Universal Gel will become an irreplaceable tool for traveling regardless of the direction of the holiday or the time of year: after a pleasant sun bath, your skin will soothe and moisturize, after an active winter sport – refresh and nourish from the wind and cold.

A handy 200ml gel will satisfy the needs of the whole family and solve problems: men will be able to soothe and soften the skin after shaving, for children – will become the first aid to whiten roads. The gel will also appeal to the most impatient – because of its active ingredients, the product quickly absorbs into the skin, so no need to wait or store your clothes – the gel does not dry and leaves no marks.

The Aloe Gel became very soon one of the favorites of our store’s customers and a great buy for the coming holiday season. Customers are coming back to buy it and call this gel the most beautiful epithets, such as “the best travel companion”, the “holiday cosmetics king” and the “tip of practicality”, says production manager Dovilė Kazanavičiūtė. We encourage and invite you to try out everyone who likes universal, multifunctional and , most importantly, the natural produce created by nature.


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